Learn the practice of shamanic journeying so you can comfortably navigate the spirit realm, connect with your spirit guides and practice self-divination.

Why I created this course and how it will support you 👇🏼

What if you could not only have a framework for exploring the unseen worlds, but also a safe container within which to practice?

Receive Support: build and deepen your relationship with your spirit guides.

Create a Practice: divine your own answers and receive teachings for your life questions.

Deepen Your Relationship: with nature, your guides, yourself.

In a few short weeks,

you will have the confidence and self-trust to go on your own shamanic journeys, expand your worldview, divine your own answers and deepen your relationships with support on spirit side. 

The Details

  • Enjoy immediate access to the entire course, moving through the material at your own pace. 
  • Follow the guided journeys again and again, until you feel confident with journeying. 
  • Use the included drum tracks to go on your own journeys, formulating your own questions and intentions. 
  • You will walk away with both a framework and experiences for direct connection to spirit side.

About Me

I help others bridge worlds and opens doorways to the mystical realm as an energy shifter, channel and shamanic practitioner. I am skilled in group facilitation and have had the joy of teaching shamanic courses both in-person and online since 2009.

My goal is to share these practices in an accessible and embodied way, to (re)ignite that part of you that already knows how to navigate spirit realm fluidly. My hope is that this shines the spotlight on the wisdom within.

Start Your Explorations Today!

Navigate Spirit Realm with Confidence and Ease